Rory Mccarthy

Rory Mccarthy

  • Chief Commercial Officer, YELLOW DOOR ENERGY
  • Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Commercial Officer of Yellow Door Energy, Rory leads the operation and expansion of the company’s business across all markets. Under his guidance, the regional and country teams bring solar energy and energy efficiency solutions to commercial and industrial customers in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. With over 25 years of global leadership experience, Rory brings forth in-depth customer understanding, comprehensive market knowledge and a relentless drive for sustainable energy growth. Prior to joining Yellow Door Energy, Rory was Managing Director of ARJ Water Technology Group, a company which specializes in water technology and services construction markets throughout the Middle East. He also served as Commercial Director for YALE Europe, part of NACCO Group of Companies. Previously, he was Director for Liberty Media in the UK. Prior to that, he was with Xerox where he worked in Europe, China and New Zealand. Rory holds an MBA from Hult University in the U.S. He also has a Post Graduate Degree in Commerce from Auckland University in New Zealand.

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