Fethi Khiari

Fethi Khiari

  • Chief Executive Officer

Fethi Khiari took the helm of United Foods Company (UFC) in April 2012 as the CEO, taking on the lead role in steering the company towards a major shift in its strategic direction and culture. Under his leadership, UFC drastically changed its direction to address the geo-political effects of 2011’s events in the Arab world. These have heavily and negatively impacted the security, the economy, (the import policies / the national currencies value) and the wellbeing of the citizens/ consumers, in Aseel food traditional markets. Mr. Khiari managed to shift the dependency on Aseel ghee exports to the Levant and North Africa and expanded revenue streams through focusing on other markets and introducing new categories. Meanwhile , UFC started a new journey by re-engineering totally its sales and distribution set up in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Khiari started with restructuring the management suite, setting new objectives for the Company: 1. Focus on UAE local market 2. Upgrade the Production facilities and supply chain through a heavy Capex. 3. Improve the integrated Information systems, adopting SAP as its backbone 4. Enlarge the product portfolio 5. Embrace a more assertive and dynamic role in other GCC markets. Prior to joining United Foods Company, Mr Khiari was the CEO of the confectionery division of IFFCO Group in Dubai for six years. Previously, he worked for 10 years for Chupa Chups in South America and for 8 years in Nestle North Africa and Central America.

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